The Success Story Of Mr. Jaleel Sabir

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Another day, another story! To keep you updated about the struggles, experiences, and success of those people who did something extraordinary by starting their own startups, here we bring you one such story of an entrepreneur who started from nothing and now owns everything.

Here comes an inspiring story of Mr. Jaleel Sabir, founder of Mahavir Soundroom. He is the man who built the first biggest Home Cinema in the world with 32 channels of separation using 37 speakers, winning the ‘Best in the Show’ and ‘Ultimate Integrated Home’ in India Awards.

I was a waste candidate in my family. Both my brothers are Engineers and my Sister is a Doctor. I just barely manage to pass B com. I had no clue what I will do in my life.My Dad thought that I join my family business of Ice Cream mfg, which I did for some time…

As a waste candidate I had one passion in my life listening to music and watching movies. I did lot of side businesses like selling bean bags, Tata tea, Tata salt, spices etc to earn some money so that i can buy a good music system.

I was the first one to have a surround sound system in my bedroom. All my friends were jealous as most of the girls in our group use to frequent my bed room… to watch movies of course…. This is how I started my business of home theatres – all these friends wanted me to make one HT for their bed room too. Friends got their friends and the number of people frequenting my home grew. My Mom had to cook for all my friends and when the frequency grew she gave me an ultimatum to stop this. That’s when i decided to officially start The Sound Room. My school friend and my first client Ambareesh Pittie who also designed my logo introduced me to tabling. Then there was no looking back…

Soon we had many verticals The Sound Room, Sound Alive, AV Devices, doing projects across the spectrum and getting featured in international and domestic magazines. We did Control centres, Simulation rooms, Defence projects, Tourism Projects, ISB, Microsoft, at one time we did all the pubs in town, retail stores, malls like MPM, Hyd Central…

My passion got lost in all this. One fine day I just decided to close all the verticals and just do what my passion was – Hi Fi and Home Cinema. I was sitting with my tabling friend and my mentor Yashwant Jhabakh and contemplating buying a three star. That is when we explored how we can complement each other’s business if we can use his place above Mercedes Benz for the dream I had. So In 2013 I joined hands with Mahavir and opened the biggest A/V lounge in the country. This was soon covered by lot of magazines and we started doing what my passion was. Celebrities like Pawan Kalyan, Shobu Yarlagada, Lakshmi Manchu, Lokesh Naidu, started visiting our lounge. We did the biggest home cinema in the world and lot of uniquely designed cinemas. Our projects got featured in Cedia Awards book consecutively for 5 years. International and domestic Awards started pouring in Our USP is integrating technology into design using unique products. We give an end to end solution including acoustics, seating audio/video etc. and all our theatres come with a guarantee of being much better than any commercial theatre experience. We also do Smart Home Solutions integrating Lighting, Drapes, HVAC, Audio, Video, Security, Access Controls, Wifi etc..

Well to conclude all I can say is I don’t know what I have achieved in life but I am no longer a waste candidate in my family today.

About Mahavir Sound Room

Home Automation Redefined with User Friendly Solutions. Home automation has really stretched the boundaries in the context of smart living with devices and appliances which can be networked together to provide us with seamless control over all aspects of our home and more. Home automation has its roots in smart home appliances which has over the years led to the development of Integrated smart homes. Looking to address these challenges, Mahavir Sound Room (MSR) offers total integrated solutions in high-end automation, along with Luxury Home Cinema and Luxury Gadgets. Designing the entire technology for luxury homes, MSR ensures that everything blends together, where Technology complements Luxury. The company is a complete solutions provider of – control automation, audio video distribution, lighting automation, curtain control, AC control, security systems, access controls and Wi-Fi networked under one roof.

Luxury Home Cinema

MSR believes that their Home Cinema is a world beyond the Home Theater, with signature decors, crystal clear picture quality and world class immersive sound systems. They can customize and automate almost anything to create “Ultra comfort” as “Ultra Control” for the next generation Homes. They also provide a wide range of customized seating solutions from Germany, Italy, and India with chillers, usb chargers, lamps, pull out tables….and the list goes on….

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